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Advantages of Globalstar
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User Segment

Globalstar has integrated the latest available communications technologies to create a new generation of subscriber equipment, which truly meets modern communications needs. The combination of a low earth orbiting satellite systems with the communications industry experience of communications equipment manufacturers of Qualcomm, Telit and Ericsson have resulted in very small, easy to use, and superb quality satellite telephones. All partners' commitment to excellence in creation of equipment for the Globalstar user segment has resulted in our customers' highest evaluation and satisfaction.

Subscribers using portable and mobile units are business and personal users working in territories where cellular networks' reach is inadequate or absent, as well as those users who frequently travel and need the ease of communication. This includes a wide audience: mass media, geology, oil and gas workers, field researchers civil engineers and many others. Workers of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, customs, and security organizations are active users of Globalstar telephones.

Specialized units for transportation services may be effective for commercial transportation both inside the country as well as outside its borders: fishing boats and other types of low weight maritime and river vessels on rail transport for securing the cargo safety and control for all types of forwarding.

In Russia, in spite of the rapid growth of cellular networks of different standards, taking into consideration the low population density on most of the country, its territory is covered extensively by Globalstar system satellite services using both dual-mode (Globalstar and cellular system) portable user terminals as well as fixed user terminals.

In economically developing regions all throughout the world it is understood that modern telecommunications are a deciding fundamental factor for State, industry and social development, understanding that wealth creation coincides with telephone network development, and that telephone density creates wealth.

It is without a doubt that the introduction of Globalstar fixed user terminals has already accelerated the development of Russian telecommunications networks.

The following types of user terminals are used in the Globalstar system:
  • Portable units, analogue to cellular telephones with global coverage;
  • Mobile units, installed for mobile purposes in automobiles;
  • Fixed user terminals with connection pay phones, mini-PABX and DECT systems.

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