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User Equipment

Mobile User Terminal Telit SAT600

Telit SAT600
Operational modes:
Globalstar/ GSM-900
Operation with GlobalTel or any Russian GSM operator SIM-card

Primary services:
  • Voice communication (Globalstar/ GSM -900)
  • Data transmission, 9.6 bit/ (Globalstar/ GSM-900)
  • Short Message Service

  • Service list: Voice telephony, Mobile Internet 123, Asynchronous data transfer (Globastar/GSM-900), Call transfer, Call barring, Caller ID enabling/caller ID blocking, 2-d number for incoming asynchronous data transfer calls, 3-d number for fax, Six parties conference call, SMS (Globalstar/GSM), Additional SMS services, Voice mail, Satellite mail, Web interface, Fax-mail, FTP-service, GlobalTel Phone Cards, Express Payment Cards, Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS),

    Future services: Voice mail.

    Roaming: International in Globalstar and GSM-900 modes, roaming in Russian GSM networks.

    Technical specifications:
    • Maximum output power: 400mW (+26 dBm)
    • RX/TX frequency band: 2.5/1.6 GHz (Globalstar), 900 MHZ (GSM)
    • Operating temperature range: -10 to +55C
    • Talk time/ Stand-by time (Globalstar): 3.5 / 10 hours
    • Talk time/ Stand-by time (GSM 900): 16.5 / 95 hours
    • Display 4x16 symbols, phone book for 99 numbers, fast redial
    • Menu language: English
    • Size: 160x55x35 mm
    • Weight: 340 g
    Supply set:
    Name Designation Quantity Comments
    User Terminal SAT600 1 Standard
    Battery charger   1 Standard
    Accu battery SAT603BS 1 Standard
    User Guide   1 Standard
    Universal Charger with power supply, 220 SAT602TC 1 Optional
    Cigarette lighter power adapter, 12 SAT608CL 1 Optional
    Data adapter, documentations on CD DT600 1 Optional
    Leather case SAT605LC 1 Optional
    Waterproof plastic case, with carrycord Aquapac-240 1 Optional
    Waterproof plastic case, with carrybelt Aquapac-241 1 Optional
    Solar battery   1 Optional
    GlobalTel Express payment card   1 Optional

    Additional accessories to mobile terminal Telit SAT600
    (preliminary information)
    Appearance Name Designation
    Universal charger SAT602TC Universal charger with power supply, 220V to charge battery inside user terminal. 3 extra line adapters for different line sockets SAT602TC
    Cigarette lighter power adapter, 12 SAT608CL Cigarette lighter power adapter, 12 SAT608CL
    Data adapter DT-600 Data adapter DT-600
    Solar battery Solar battery  
    Aquapac waterproof case, with carrycord Aquapac waterproof case, with carrycord. Diving depth 5 m. Auapac, model 240
    Aquapac waterproof case, strengthened, with carrybelt Aquapac waterproof case, strengthened, with carrybelt. Diving depth 5 m. Auapac, model 241

    See also
    DocumentDownloadDownload zip
    Telit Sat 600. Dual mode Globalstar/GSM900 User Guide (12.7 Mb) (3 Mb)

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