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User Equipment

Mobile user terminal Ericsson R290

Ericsson R290
Operation with GlobalTel or any Russian GSM operator SIM-card

Primary services:
  • Voice communication in Globalstar and GSM-900 mode
  • Short message service (SMS) in Globalstar and GSM-900
  • Asynchronous data transfer in GSM-900

  • Service list: Voice telephony, Calls transfer, Calls barring, Caller ID permission/caller ID restriction, SMS, Additional SMS services, Voice mail, Express Payment Cards, Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS)

    Roaming: International, in Globalstar mode and GSM-900 mode.

    Technical specifications:
    • Maximum output power: 400mW (+26 dBm)
    • RX/TX frequency band: 2.5/1.6 GHz (Globalstar), 900 MHz (GSM)
    • Operating temperature range: 0 to +50C
    • Talk time, Globalstar: 1.5 hours
    • Stand-by (call waiting) time, Globalstar: up to 4 hours
    • Talk / Stand -by time (GSM-900): 5/ 75 hours
    • Menu language: English
    • Size: 162x62x39 mm
    • Weight: 350 g
    R290 user terminal can be connected to PC COM port through dedicated cable adapter. With such adapter the SMS service in Globalstar and GSM-900 modes is supported. It is possible to transfer up to 160 ASCII symbols in one elementary massage. The asynchronous communication is also supported in GSM-900. The corresponding user application is supported on Windows 95/ 98/ NT 4.0 environment .

    Supply set:
    Name Designation Quantity Comments
    User terminal R290 1 Included
    Charger   1 Included
    Battery   1 Included
    User handbook in Russian   1 Included
    Case for R-290   1 Optional
    Solar battery SZU-BSA-15 1 Optional
    Cigarette lighter power adapter   1 Optional
    User documentation on CD   1 Optional
    Waterproof plastic case, with carrycord Aquapac-240 1 Optional
    Waterproof plastic case, with carrybelt Aquapac-241 1 Optional
    Ericsson Data Connectivity Kit DCK-07 1 Optional
    GlobalTel Express payment card   1 Optional

    Additional accessories to mobile terminal Ericsson R290
    Appearance Name Designation
    Cigarette lighter power adapter Cigarette lighter power adapter  
    Solar battery --15 Solar battery SZU-BSA-15
    Ericsson Portable Handsfree Ericsson Portable Handsfree HPB-07
    Ericsson Data Connectivity Kit Ericsson Data Connectivity Kit DCK-07/ RC4
    Aquapac waterproof case, with carrycord Aquapac waterproof case, with carrycord. Diving depth 5 m. Auapac, model 240
    Aquapac waterproof case, strengthened, with carrybelt Aquapac waterproof case, strengthened, with carrybelt. Diving depth 5 m. Auapac, model 241

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