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"Maxicom 16T" Small PABX

'Maxicom' small PABX
"Maxicom 16T" Small PABX is intended for organizing of phone communication networks at enterprises and sea/ river vessels with up to 13 internal phone lines. The network can be connected to the Russian Self Coordinated Communication Network (PSTN) through up to three 2-wire subscriber lines, including connection through Fixed User Terminals of the Globalstar Satellite Communication System.

Thanks to flexible programming procedure "Maxicom 16T" allows effective division between official and private phone sets, excluding thereby the enterprise expenses for employees private access to intercity, international and satellite communication channels.

"Maxicom 16T" primary advantages:
  • One box combination of small PABX functions and other necessary communication services;
  • operation with city lines and Globalstar fixed UT's 2- wire lines;
  • quick connection;
  • compact design;
  • small weight;
  • simple operation;
  • low power consumption;
  • no maintenance;
  • private and common "phone books";
  • usage of pulse or tone phone sets, as well as multifunctional system phones;
  • connection to PC;
  • public address speaker system, connection to the door intercommunication system;
  • full set of base and additional communication services, including flexible programming of restrictions (barring) of outgoing calls.
Technical specifications:
  • Number of subscriber lines: up to 13
  • Number of external lines: up to 3
  • Number of channels of public address system: 1
  • Number of channels of door intercommunication system: 1
Types of connection lines:
  • Subscriber lines: 2-wire asymmetrical
  • External lines: 2-wire symmetrical
Programmed parameters nonvolatile storage not less than 5 years

Requirements to power supply:
  • Line voltage: 190-250 V (50-60Hz)
  • Power consumption (nominal): 8 W
  • Power consumption (maximum): 20 W
  • PABX dimension: 320x240x70 mm
  • Dimension of transport package: 350x260x95 mm
  • Mass: <= 2 kg
Design features:
The certificate # OS/1-U-290 of Communication and Information Ministry of Russian Federation certifies the compliance of "Maxicom MR 16T" small PABX to Technical Requirements and Requirements of other regulative documents for small PABX. The Certificate attests that the vendor Quality Estimation System is agreed with the GOST R ISO 9001-96 standard. "Maxicom MR 16T" small PABX is successfully tested in GlobalTel and offered for usage jointly with Globalstar GSP2800 (Qualcomm) fixed user terminals. This small PABX along with variety of office service functions allows to program restrictions (prohibit) of outgoing communications by specific condition for certain phone groups. The restriction can be set as for access to the intercity or international lines, as well as access for all numbers not included in an allowed list (white list). To do this, for example, it's needed to block access to all numbers besides771 and 7771 (GlobalTel Prepaid System directory numbers) from phone sets appointed for private usage. The PSTN access from that phones will be accomplished by GlobalTel Phone Cards and calls will be paid independently by each employees and accordingly the company funds will not be spend. The necessity to control and account the nonofficial calls is no longer relevant.

PABX operation is forbidden when:
  • Line voltage is out of assigned range
  • There are sudden power hits and drops.
    If You are not sure of your mains power performance please consult specialists and then purchase and install the line filter and UPS.

    Комплект поставки:
    Name Designation Quantity Comments
    "Maxicom" small PABX MR 16T 1 Standart

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