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User Equipment

Globalstar Marine/ River user terminal GSP28001

Qualcomm GSP2800M1

Globalstar Marine/ River user terminal GSP28001 represents a modification of GSP2800 terminal and differs by external antenna with 5 m feed, radio unit configuration to simplify assembling and operation.

GSP2800 M1 is intended for operation onboard of the river and marine vessels as main or auxiliary equipment to offer communication services of Globalstar satellite network.

GSP2800 M1 terminals provides phone connection to PSTN phones, Globalstar and ground cellular phones based on CDMA (Code Division Multiplex Access)

GSP2800 M1 supports connection of standard phone sets, autoanswering phone equipment, radio extention, PABX and Personal Computer through RS-232 interface to browse Internet, sending e-mail and data exchange with up to 9.6 Kbit/sec rate.

Service list: telephony,asynchronous/ packet data transfer (9.6 kbps, Globalstar), position location, call transfer, call barrings, 2-d number for incoming asynchronous data calls, 3-d number for incoming fax, "mobile Internet ", e-mail, FTP-service, FAX-mail , fax-adapter for G3 fax-machines, three party conference call, short message service - SMS (incoming only), voice mail, GlobalTel Prepaid Cards, ASSA service.

Additional services: High speed download from Internet (up to 300 kbps) when used jointly with small TV-dishes and DVB-S receivers through asymmetrical access providers, voice mail and Caller ID, split of corporate and social traffic when used jointly with "Maxicom" small PABX.

Roaming: International roaming in Globalstar mode.

    Technical specifications:
  • Maximum output power: 2 W (+33) dBm
  • RX/TX frequency band: 2.5/1.6 GHz (Globalstar)
  • Operating temperature range: -30 to 60C,-70 to +60C (with thermo jacket)
  • Power supply: 11 to 16 DC / 3A
  • Power consumption: max 30 W
  • Interfaces: analog two-wire 48V (60V ring) phone line with RJ11 jack for tone dialing phone, RS232 (DB9), V.32 modem protocol and -commands.
  • Compatibility with standard two wire tone dialing phones, mini-PABX.
  • Connection up to 5 phones in parallel.
  • Maximum phone line length: 160 m
  • Operating temperature range:
     Transceiver unit: operation -10 to +40C
           limiting -50 to +55C
     Antenna unit: operation -30 to +55C
           limiting -50 to +55C
  • Relative humidity: up to 95% (+55C)
  • Sinusoidal vibration m/sec2 (g), not more 19.6 (2), 20-30 Hz.
  • Multiple mechanical impact:
     Peak acceleration value, not more than 69 (7), 10 - 15 sec duration
  • Roll & rolling: 25 0 , 7 - 9 sec period
  • Size: 350x215x130 mm (transceiver unit)
         577x108x180 mm (antenna unit)
  • Mass: 4.0 kg (transceiver unit)
         1.7 kg (antenna unit)

Peculiarities pf usage: one or a number of phone sets can be connected to GSP 2800 M1 terminal. With more than one phone the REN value of each phone should be in the range of 0.5 - 1.5. You can find REN value on the bottom plate of your phone. The sum of all ren's should not be greater than 5.0. The most distant phone line should be not longer than 160 m.

GSP2800 certification:
Russian River Register Certificate of approval for unit main or auxiliary usage on river/ marine vessels and other objects

GSP2800 M1 Supply Set:
Name Designation Q-ty Comments
Radio Transceiver unit .468157.120 1 Standard
Antenna unit .464659.066 1 Standard
RF cables .685661.210 2 Standard
Cross-box   1 Standard
Mounting kit   1 Standard
Marine User Handbook   1 Standard
Marine Uninterrupted Power Supply DM-R, 12V (input 220V, 24VD), 3 m power cable .436344.030 1 Standard
User Documentation on CD   1 Standard
RF antenna cable set   1 Standard
DRA low-profile antenna   1 Standard
Wall/ Table mounted phone   1 Standard
Panasonic small office PABX KX-TA30877 1 Optional
"Maxicom" small PABX (* MR 16T 1 Optional
(Unitel City) desk Phone "Smolensk" 1-3 Optional
Marine desk-wall phone with Distress button and voice memory TAS-2 1-3 Optional
GlobalTel Prepaid card     Optional
GlobalTel Express Payment Card     Optional

*) 3 external lines, up to 13 internal lines. "Maxicom" PABX allows effective split between corporate and private phone sets, excluding thereby the enterprise expenses for employees private intercity, international calls.

Extra accessories and functionalities are the same as to GSP2800 supply set.

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