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User Equipment

Mobile User Terminal QUALCOMM GSP1700

Qualcomm GSP1700

Basic services:
  • Globalstar phone communication (CDMA)
  • Asynchronous/ Packet data exchange (rate 9.6 Kbit/sec)
  • Position determination
  • Short massage service
  • Voice mail

  • Service list: telephony, asynchronous/packet data communication (9.6 kbps, Globalstar), position location, call transfer, call barring, calls restriction, calling number identification (CLIP), 2-d number for incoming asynchronous data calls, 3-d number for fax, "mobile Internet ", e-mail, FTP-service, FAX-mail, fax-exchange through fax-adapter and G3 class fax-machines, three party conference call, short message service SMS (incoming only), voice mail, GlobalTel Prepaid Cards, ASSA automatic subscriber service.

    Roaming: Globalstar mode International Roaming.

    GSP-1700 Peculiarities & Advantages:
    • The most compact model in the family of Globalstar satellite mobile phones (60% physical volume of the preceding GSP-1600 model)
    • Designed and produced by Qualcomm Inc. (USA) - the well known leader on the of mobile communication market
    • Progressive MSM6500 chipset for mobile modems in prospective high speed data networks of EV-DO (Evolution Data Optimized) technologies with data rate up to 2,4 Мbit/sec
    • Call receives in antenna stowed mode
    • In palm suitable placement
    • Optimized display with backlight
    • Keyboard blockage
    • Any key answer
    • Phone numbers blockage for personal protection
    • High speech quality, 8k variable rate vocoder for Globalstar mode

    Technical specifications:
    • Frequencies (Globalstar):  1610.73 - 1620.57 MHz (transmit)
          2484.39 - 2499.15 МHz (receive)
    • Maximum output power:  400 mW (+26 dBm)
    • Position determination inaccuracy (internal Globalstar function):  from 300 м
    • "Incoming Call" mode with antenna in stowed position
    • Talk time:  4 hours, minimum
    • Stand-by time (call waiting),antenna in stowed position:  36 hours, minimum
    • Stand-by time (call waiting), unfolded antenna:  36 hours minimum
    • External antenna RF connector
    • Blue tooth and wireless headset operation - 2.5 mm mini audio connector for micro headset
    • USB 2.0 interface
    • Color LCD display:  Four lines, 12 characters each
    • Phone book, 99 entries. Speed dialing
    • Call duration and Signal level indication
    • Different menu languages:  Russian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese
    • Firm, waterproof body
    • Optional face panels, choice of 3 colours:  Bronze/Copper, Silver/Grey and Red
    • Environment temperature:  -20╟С to +55╟C (operation)
          -30╟С to +60╟C (storage)
    • Dimensions:  135 (H) х 54 (W) х 35 (D) mm
    • Physical volume: < 225 cm3
    • Weight: 202 g (with battery)

    Declaration of conformity: Federal Agency of Communications of the Russian federation, # D-MT-1268, 05.10.2006

    Certification: FCC, ETSI, IC type approval

    Supply Set:
    Name Designation Quantity Comments
    User terminal GSP-1700 1 Standard
    Line charger & Power supply GWC-1700 1 Optional
    Accumulator battery (standard) GPB-1700 1 Standard
    User instruction (English/ Russian) 1 Standard
    Documentation on CD 1 Standard
    Cigarette lighter power adapter GVC-1700 1 Optional
    Accessory charger GAC-1700 1 Optional
    BlueTooth adapter GBA-1700 1 Optional
    Data kit, documentation on CD GDK-1700 1 Optional
    Nilon case GNC-1700 1 Optional
    Reinforced protective leather case GRC-1700 1 Optional
    Car/Vessel Kit with outdoor patch antenna on magnetic mounting GMK-1710-MP 1 Optional
    Spare patch antenna on magnetic mounting GAT-17MP 1 Optional
    Spare stick antenna on magnetic mounting GAT-17HX 1 Optional
    Spare see-based stick antenna GAT-17MR 1 Optional
    Micro head set (phone+microphon) for GIK-1700 car kit GHS-1700 1 Optional
    GlobalTel phone Card     Optional

    Additional accessories to mobile terminal Qualcomm GSP1700
    Picture Name Designation
    Полимерная литий-ионная батарея GPB-1700 Polymeric ion- lithium battery (capacity 2500 mAh) GPB-1700
    Адаптер к автомобильному прикуривателю GVC-1700 Adapter to car cigarette lighter, 10.5-16 V, 1.5 A, 1.5 m GVC-1700
    Дополнительное зарядное устройство. Подключение от GWC-1700 или GVC-1700 Optional charger. Switch to GWC-1700 or GVC-1700 GAC-1700
    Автомобильный/Судовой  комплект
      Car/ Vessel Kit. Outdoor antenna options:
    • Patch on the magnetic mounting
    • Stick on the magnetic mounting
    • See-based stick antenna
    Кожаный чехол GRC-1700 Rugged, water resistant case, available in multiple GRC-1700
    Кабель передачи данных Data cable, USB-A, 1.2 m GDK-1700
    BlueTooth адаптер, радиус обслуживания 30 - 100 м BlueTooth adapter, 30 - 100 m service radius GBA-1700
    Наружная планарная антенна с магнитным креплением Outdoor patch antenna with magnetic mounting GAT-17MP
    Микрогарнитура (наушник и микрофон) Micro head-set (phone & microphone) GHS-1700

    GIK-1710 - Car Kit for для GSP-1700 (*

    Car Kits GCK1410 for mobile user terminal Qualcomm GSP1600
    Modes: Globalstar on the movable object
    Basic services:
    • Globalstar phone communication (CDMA)
    • Asynchronous/ Packet data exchange (rate 9.6 Kbit/sec)
    • Position determination
    • Short massage service
    GIK-1710 car kit has been designed by Qualcomm Inc. (USA) specially to operate inside the car or See/river vessel in jointly with GSP-1700 - new portable Globalstar terminal. GIK-1710 provides adaptable operation in the transportation vehicle in motion on the territories out of the cellular coverage.

    "Hands free" operation mode - Handy and safety way to make call from a car or vessel with hands free of user terminal (thanks to the microphone and speaker fixed location in passenger compartment).
    Convenient choice of power supply - GIK-1710 power supply is accomplished directly from onboard line voltage or through the supplied cigarette lighter adapter.
    Handy charge of the GSP-1700 internal accumulator accumulator - GIK -1700 charges battery of the inserted GSP-1700 user terminal.
    Simple access to data exchange - Data communication function is retained when GSP-1700 is connected to GIK-1710. The charging will also supported.
    Compact modular structure - provides optimal dimensions for space saving and suitable placing of microphone and speaker.
      Outdoor antennas (choice of three):
    • Patch antenna GAT-17MP
    • Stick (spiral) antenna GAT-17HХ
    • See-based protected antenna GAT-17MR for operation in severe climatic surroundings
    Optional privacy headset - cancels external nearby acoustic noise, provides confidence of the important conversations
    2.5 mm output audio connector - easy-to-use for privacy headset and Bluetooth adapter
    Technical specifications:
    Name Operation conditions Storage conditions
    Antenna -30°C to +50°C -40°C to +85°C
    Ctradle (body) -30°C to +50°C -40°C to +85°C
    Microphone/ Speaker -30°C to +50°C -40°C to +60°C
    Power supply, nominal 12 V DC
    RF output power, maximum About 0.8 W (+29.0 dBm)
    Dimensions 16.92 (H) x 7.33 (W) x 5.79 cm (D)
    Frequencies Transmit (Globalstar): 1610.73 - 1620.57 MHz
    Receive (Globalstar): 2484.39 - 2499.15 MHz
    Technology Globalstar satellite mode (CDMA)

    Supply set:
    Name Designation Quantity Comments
    Cradle module with build in speaker GIK-1710 1 Standard
    External microphone   1 Standard
    Patch antenna GAT-17MP 1 Standard
    Antenna cable (coupled, Tx/ Rx), 4.2 m length   1 Standard
    Cigarette lighter power adapter GVC-1700 1 Standard
    Interconnection wires and fastening kit   1 Standard
    Spare stick antenna on magnetic mounting GAT-17HX 1 optional
    Spare see-based stick antenna GAT-17MR 1 Optional
    Privacy headset GHS-1700 1 Optional
    Privacy handset GPH-1700 1 Optional
    Data cable GDC-1700 1 Optional

    Declaration of conformity: Agency of Communications of the Russian federation, # D-MT-1268, 05.10.2006
    Certification: FCC, ETSI, IC type approval.
    *) Supply in the 2-nd quarter of 2007
    **) GSP-1700 user terminal shall be purchased separately

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