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User Equipment

High speed data user terminal GSP16201 (satellite modem)

GSP1620x1 modem is intended for data transmission with 9.6 kbit/sec. Modem functionality is based on the known patented CDMA technology of QUALCOMM and constellation of 48 Globalstar LEO satellite.

The satellite modems provide two-way communication channel to the ground based, marine and avionics communication equipment. Modems can be used in monitoring systems, telemetry, SCADA systems etc.

Service list: Mobile Internet 123, Asynchronous data transfer (Globalstar), Packet data transmission, Position location (AT-commands), Satellite mail, Web interface, FTP-service, Fax-mail, Short Message Service - SMS (incoming only) etc.

GSP16201 modems can be used for monitoring of distant communication facilities, power stations, petroleum and gaz production facilities etc. 16201 modem gives a number of advantages to the final user:
  • installation of outdoor antenna unit on the distance up to 30 m from the transceiver unit;
  • full RS232 interface with V32bis, V42/42bis and -commands support (telephone modem emulation);
  • data transmission by means of standard applications for Windows, MacOS, PalmOS and does not require dedicated software;
  • does not require routine maintenance and antenna pointing (omnidirectional antenna).
The modem consists of:
  • transceiver unit (TU)
  • outdoor unit (ODU)
Transceiver module belongs to the internal equipment and intended for installation inside unheated room.

Outdoor unit is an assembly of dielectric antenna and power amplifier with power supply. The assembly is manufactured as dust-tight and water proof envelope.

Technical specifications:
  • RX/TX frequency band: 2.5/1.6 GHz (Globalstar)
  • Power supply: 11 ÷ 27 V DC
  • RF output power: 500mW (+27 dBm)
  • Maximum power consumption: 15 W
  • RF-cable maximum length: 30 m
  • Interfaces:
    two separated data and control port: DB25, RS232
    diagnostics port: DB9, RS232
  • Operating temperature range:
         ODU: -60 to +55 (humidity 5 to 80%), Group 3, 1 reliability grade
                    -40 to +40 (humidity up to 98%)
         TU: -20 to +50C
  • Dimentions:
         TU: 140x167x167 mm
         ODU: 265x260x43 mm
         Package: 470x285x230 mm
  • Weight:
         ODU: 2.5 Kg
         TU: 2.4 Kg
         in package: 6.0 Kg
Supply set:
Name Designation Quantity Comments
Outdoor unit with fastening set JNKY.464600.005 1 Standart
Transceiver Unit JNKY.464400.005 1 Standart
RF cable, length 20 m* JNKY.469400.026 2 Standart
User guide and operation instruction JNKY.464000.006TO 1 Standart
Installation floppy disk     Standart
Passport JNKY.464000.006PS   Standart
Package   1 Standart
"AGAT" power supply (220V/12), accumulator included BRVP "AGAT" 1204 1 Optional
"SHTIL" Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), 220 V AC/220 V AC LIK-750 1 Optional
Uninteruptable power supply, 12 V (Input 220 V AC/ 24 V DC), 3 m power cable DM-R 1 Optional
Water-Sodium Chloride (Metal-Air) battery 12 V, 3 A MVIT 1 Optional
*) 10 and 30 m optional length.

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