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User Equipment

Mobile User Terminal QUALCOMM GSP1600

Qualcomm GSP1600
Operation in AMPS-800 networks is provided by programming cellular subscriptions.

Primary services:
  • Telephony in Globalstar/AMPS-800
  • Asynchronous Data Transfer 9.6 kbps
  • Position location

  • Service list: Voice telephony, Mobile Internet 123, Asynchronous data transfer (Globalstar), Packet data transfer, Position location, Call transfer, Call barring, 2-d number for incoming asynchronous data transfer calls, 3-d number for fax, Short message service - SMS (incoming only), Voice mail, Satellite mail, Web-interface, FTP-service, FAX-mail, Three party conference call, GlobalTel Phone Cards, Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS) etc.,

    Roaming: International roaming in Globalstar mode. AMPS-800 operation accomplished by programming of subscriber's directory numbers in cellular networks with corresponding call transfer through phone menu.

    Technical specifications:
    • Maximum output power: 400 mW (+26 dBm)
    • RXTX frequency band: 2.5/1.6 GHz (Globalstar)
    • AMPS-800 frequencies:
      869.01 - 893.97 MHz (receive)
      824.01 - 848.97 MHz (transmit)
    • Operating temperature range: -20 to +55C
    • Talk time, Globalstar:
           3,5 hours with standard battery
           5 hours with enhanced battery
    • Stand-by time (call waiting), Globalstar:
      7 hours (standard battery)
      9 hours (enhanced battery)
    • Talk/ Stand-by time (AMPS-800): 2.5/ 14 hours (with standard battery)
    • Display 4x16 symbols, phone book for 99 numbers, One-Touch Dial
    • Menu language: Russian/English
    • Size: 1785744 mm
    • Weight: 370 gr
    Certificate of RAO EES "Russian Stock Company of joint power system of Russia" to conform requirements of Russian State Standards ( GOST R 51317.4.2-99, GOST R 51317.4.4-99 GOST R 50648-94). Expert conclusion of RAO EES, dated 10.12.01.

    Supply Set:
    Name Designation Quantity Comments
    User terminal GSP-1600 1 Standart
    Charger GSP-1234 1 Standart
    Standard battery CXBAT-053 1 Standart
    User handbook in Russian 1 Standart
    Documentation on CD 1 Standart
    Cigarette lighter power adapter CXCLA-0511 1 Optional
    Universal travel charger with power supply GSP-1210 1 Optional
    Data Transfer Cable with soft documentation GDC-1100 1 Optional
    Leather case for GSP1600 (Russia)   1 Optional
    Waterproof plastic case, with carrycord Aquapac-240 1 Optional
    Waterproof plastic case, with carrybelt Aquapac-241 1 Optional
    Additional battery CXBAT-053 1 Optional
    Car kit with external antenna GCK-1410 1 Optional
    Additional handset for car kit GCK-1400/1410 CXDTC0521 1 Optional
    Personal earphone & microphone (micro headphone) for car kit GCK-1400/1410 CXPRS0521 1 Optional
    Solar battery SZU-BSA-15 1 Optional
    GlobalTel Express payment card   1 Optional
    GlobalTel Prepaid card   1 Optional

    Additional accessories to mobile terminal Qualcomm GSP1600
    Picture Name Designation
    Polymeric ion- lithium battery CXBAT-053 Polymeric ion- lithium battery CXBAT-053 (standart battery)
    Adapter to car lighter CXCLA-0511 Adapter to car lighter CXCLA-0511
    Universal travel charger GSP-1210 Universal travel charger for additional battery recharge (with simultaneous user terminal and battery charge). Three adapters for sockets of different standards GSP-1210
    Additional handset to car kit GCK 1400/ 1410 Additional handset to car kit GCK 1400/ 1410 for confidential conversation in the car. CXDTC0521
    Leather case GSP-3322 Leather case GSP-3322
    Personal earphone & microphone CXPRS0521 Personal earphone & microphone (micro headphone) CXPRS0521
    Data transfer set GDC-1100 Data transfer set (cable + CD with drivers) GDC-1100
    Solar battery --15 Solar battery SZU-BSA-15
    Aquapac waterproof case, with carrycord Aquapac waterproof case, with carrycord. Diving depth 5 m. Auapac, model 240
    Aquapac waterproof case, strengthened, with carrybelt Aquapac waterproof case, strengthened, with carrybelt. Diving depth 5 m. Auapac, model 241

    Car Kits GCK1410 for mobile user terminal Qualcomm GSP1600

    Car Kits GCK1410 for mobile user terminal Qualcomm GSP1600
    Technical specifications:
    • Maximum output power: 2W
    • Power supply: DC 12V
    • External unit stability to car movement speed up to 200 km/h
    • Operating temperature range: -30° to +50°
    • RS232 Interface, 4-wire line

    • Suitable for most car models.
    • Mobile terminal battery recharge by putting on the base unit.
    • Security. Confidentiality during conversation, which is provided by CDMA technology.
    • Magnetic mounting of external unit on the car body without drilling holes.
    • "Hands free" mode (external microphone and speaker).
    • Standard RS232 PC interface cable, DB9 jack allow Internet access (Dial-Up through "123" phone number), even in case of high speed motion.
    • The standard outdoor car antenna for cellular AMPS-800 expands car kit application area offering UT operation in two communication modes Globalstar/AMPS-800.
    GSP1600 User Termiinal purchased by separate order.

    • GCK1410 Car Kit
      GCK1410 Car Kit for Qualcomm GSP1600 User Terminal (UT) supports all GSP1600 service options. Optionally is possible to attach the external privacy handset (CXDTC0521) and headset (CXPRS0521). The privacy handset (CXDTC0521) and headset (CXPRS0521) offers more privacy during a call than the hands-free mode.

      The privacy handset CXDTC0521 and headset CXPRS0521 are purchased by separate order.
    Supply set:
    Name Designation Quantity Comments
    Outdoor antenna on magnetic mounting   1 Standard
    Electronic Module   1 Standard
    Hands-Free Car Kit cradle   1 Standard
    Hands-Free microphone   1 Standard
    Hands-Free speaker   1 Standard
    Car interface cable   set Standard
    User guide   1 Standard
    Privacy handset CXDTC0521 1 Optional
    Privacy headset CXPRS0521 1 Optional

    See also
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    Addition to user guide. Tri-mode GSP-1600 Phone (312 kb) (219 kb)
    Qualcomm Globalstar Data User Guide (2.4 Mb) (1.6 Mb)

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