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Two-wire Telephone Line Adapter for TELIT SAT551/550X

The two-wire telephone line adapter is designed for connecting standard two-wire telephone sets (radio-telephones, answering machines, PBX, etc.) to Telit SAT551 car kits and Telit SAT550X.

Usage features:
The two-wire telephone line adapter expands the possibilities of usage of the Globalstar system equipment.

The adapter is connected to the set of Telit SAT551 car kit and satellite phone Telit SAT550. Prior to connecting the adapter to the Telit SAT551 car kit should be installed in the car.

The car kit satellite antenna can be also mounted on the roof of a building while the Telit SAT551 and satellite phone Telit SAT550 will be mounted in a dry place inside a building/structure.

The two-wire line adapter can be connected to the SAT550X marine kit.

Warning: Simultaneous operation of DT550 data adapter and GTA two-wire phone line adapter with SAT551 car-kit and SAT550X marine terminal is not allowed. For alternate usage of the aforementioned accessories you need to Switch Off/ Switch On DC power of SAT550 user terminal.

When needed the two-wire line adapter can be connected to any standard telephone set. "GlobalTel" CJSC the following phone models to be used with two-wire line adapter:

Manufacturer Model Available Services
Siemens Gigaset C100 Telephony, voice mail
Panasonic KX-TCD435RUB Telephony, voice mail
Panasonic -2365 Telephony
Panasonic KX-TC1405BXB (radio link extention, 900 ) Telephony
Panasonic KX-TCD951 (DECT) Telephony
Alkotel (Russia) TX-D5100 Texet Telephony, voice mail
Alcatel -224 (212) Telephony
Steenhans Steenhans KT-630 Telephony

The operational quality is not guarantied when adapter will be used with other phone models!

The adapter allows parallel connection of up to three telephone sets. It supports tone and pulse dialing.

The two-wire line adapter ensures conversation confidentiality: when the handset of the phone connected to the adapter is hooked off, the Telit SAT551 external microphone and speaker will be blocked.

The adapter is powered by a 12 V power supply unit. Installation and operation are very simple. Detailed user guide is available.

Supply set:
Name Designation Quantity Comments
Adapter unit   1 Standart
Telit SAT551/SAT550X connect cable   1 Standart
Operating instruction   1 Standart
Package   1 Standart

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