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User Equipment

The Metal-Air battery, model 12--5

The Metal-Air (water-salt) batteries are intended for power supply and charging of the accumulators of the Globalstar User Terminals in power interruption periods or full absence of line power. Can be used also for car battery charging.

Advantages of usage:
Metal-Air Batteries (MAB) is a fundamentally new and ecologically pure DC power sources. MAB do not require recharging from other power source. In this battery the water solution of the sodium chloride (in concentration of 150 g/liter) is used as an electrolyte. Any water can be utilized - such as running water, water from natural reservoir, including see water. Battery is recharging by means of changing the salted water electrolyte.

Type 12-MB-5 metal-air battery is delivered together with voltage stabilizer. The battery can be used as a redundant power supply for Globalstar user terminals in power interruption periods or in periods of full absence of line power.

The voltage stabilizer included in MAB power supply kit, has a cigarette lighter output jack. The corresponding adapter of mobile or fixed Globalstar User Terminal also can be connected to the output of MAB. With different adapters the batteries of any Globalstar phones can be charged.

The MAB battery is tested jointly with different Globalstar user terminals: GSP-2800, SAT-550FX (through the voltage stabilizer); GSP-1600, SAT-550, R290 (through the cigarette lighter jack).

Battery is operating in two main modes:

Mode 1. Direct UT connection through the adapter to the battery stabilizer

Mode 2. Connection of standard 12 V accumulator and it subsequent utilization for powering of User Terminal. Having 2 standard accumulators the uninterrupted power supply can be provided (first accumulator will supply DC power tj the user terminal and other is charging from metal-air battery).

Technical specifications of metal-air batterie, model 12-MB-5 (together with stabilezer):
  • Output voltage: 12 V 0,2 V with stabilizer
  • Rated power: 40 W
  • Rated capacity per one activation of electrolyte: 10 ·h
  • Rated capacity per set of electrodes: 50 ·h
  • Working Temperature rate: -20 to +40C
  • Total work resource: 2000 hours
  • Weight (without electrolyte): 2,2 Kg: 280 127 152 mm
  • Size: 280 127 152 mm
Supplier of MAB power supply and spare anodes is "NT-Park GM" L. P.

Supply set:
Name Designation Quantity Comments
Battery 12--5 1 Standart
Voltage Stabilizer   1 Standart
Set of spare anodes   1 Standart
Set of wires   1 Standart
Set of spare anodes     Optional

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