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Packet data transmission

The packet data service in the Globalstar satellite communications system is provided to subscribers with Qualcomm UTs and devices, such as: GSP1600 portable models (including GCK1400/1410 car-kits), GSP2800 fixed models, GSP1620 modems and their derivatives: The packet data service in the Globalstar satellite communications system allows a wireless access to Internet and other networks with packet switching. Abovementioned Globalstar UTs in packet data mode operate in the same manner as wireless Ethernet or ISDN modems. They are connected by serial cable to computers, Palm-tops or customer controllers.

The simplified diagram of the Customer - Internet connection in the Globalstar packet data mode is given below:

After packet data Internet connection setup by #777 dial-up number any GlobalTel subscriber may use applications like WEB-browsers, email- and FTP-clients, etc. with ability to:
  • browse Internet;
  • work with e-mail;
  • transmit and receive data from another PC connected to Internet via Globalstar packet data service;
  • get access to own corporate network and work with application on home PC from remote locations;
  • up/download information from remote servers using FTP protocol;
  • set up a "dormant" (sleep) mode for pauses in data transmissions (no billing during such pauses).
7-8 kbps rate throughput is average for the whole range of the above-mentioned data services in the Globalstar packet data service. GlobalTel supports packet data service with 15 sec billing interval in accordance with the tariff plans.

In addition, dormant mode provides switching off the radio channel and billing is after timeout 10 sec min from the the last received/transmitted byte, but the customer's dynamic IP-address and the connection is restored automatically when next byte reception/transmission without dial-up procedure. This mode allows customer's PC be permanently on-line, same as in GPRS mode in cellular networks or like "slow" permanent Ethernet connection. Dormant mode provides UT "sleeping" up to 48 hours, when packet data call will be permanently disconnected and next packet data call will require dial-up sequence.

Globalstar Packet and Asynchronous Data Services comparison

Below in the Table you can see compared features of packet and asynchronous data services in the Globalstar system.

Packet Asynchronous
Direct connection to Internet or packet data network through direct GlobalTel GW-Internet channel Connection via GW and PSTN to the local Internet-provider's remote modem (inclusive "123" and "124" access numbers when GlobalTel acts as "local ISP")
Data packets are received-transmitted via public Internet from-to the destination PC IP address. Public connection. Asynchronous data are transferred directly to remote PC connected to PSTN modem or Globalstar UT. Private connection.
Typically setup connection within 4-8 seconds (no tariffication). Typically setup connection in approximately 30-60 seconds, due to modem negotiation and training time (with tarification).
No additional billing for traffic through PSTN networks or ISP to the Internet network. When Internet is accessed through a local service-provider (not GlobalTel 123/124 access) access traffic to Internet is paid separately.
Quality of data services: Maximal, does not depend on regional ISP terrestrial communications channels because the GW connection with the Internet is direct. No satellite coverage "holes" - dormant mode will automatically recover email, Internet, FTP or any data transfer when UT will recover satellite contact Quality of data services: Depends on the dial-up number and quality of ISP regional terrestrial communications channels and type of the remote PSTN modem (some modem model are not working with Globalstar Uts). The maximum quality is ensured when 123/124 code for Internet access is used. Full call interruption when satellite contact lost - need redial and full data retransmission from the beginning. GlobalTel FTP server supports up to 20min connection drops for continued file transfer.
Mobile terminated packet data connections require activation of dormant mode. UT IP address is used for incoming packet data calls. Less protection against Internet "IP scanning" viruses that initiate incoming packet data calls. Mobile terminated connections is supported by activation of the second "modem" number. High protection against Internet "IP scanning" viruses.
Billing: Only for packet data connection time excluding 2-5 sec setup time. When dormant mode is active (UT are "sleeping") billing is turned off automatically. Total traffic payments almost equal to byte-to-byte billing even if tariff plan is per 15 sec intervals. Dormant mode decreases traffic expenses. Billing: For whole time of the async data call including handshake (connection setup) time. If satellite visibility has gaps e-mail reception-transmission is restarted from beginning increasing traffic expenses.
#777 code for Internet access operates around the globe on practically all Globalstar GWs * 123 and 124 codes for Internet access operate only in GlobalTel and Elsacom (Europe) service areas.

*) you may obtain full information on operation of #777 code at GlobalTel CCC, phone.(495) 984-2662, UT free 611

Work in the Globalstar packet mode

Consider packet data call using Qualcomm GSP1600 UT. A special RS232 serial port data cable is used for connection to PC's COM-port. The cable is coming jointly with the subscriber CD with setup S/W utilities and full GlobalTel service documentation collection.

In case of other UTs models additional connectors, adapters or cables to be used. See supply set in GlobalTel equipment catalogue.

Connect your Globalstar terminal to your PC's COM-port.

Make sure that no other application using same port (for example COM1) intended for packet data operations.
  • Configure your computer ("Modem" in the Windows Menu, 19,200 bps standard modem) for the packet data the way you do it when working with a usual modem in the "dial-up" mode. It is recommended to enter at+cta=N;at&c0 in the modem initialization line to activate dormant mode, where 10 - timeout (N) in sec for radiochannel and Globalstar billing turn-off when there is no packet transfers, N=10 ÷ 255 sec. If no initialization line entered by default no dormant mode will be activated and whole packet data call will be billed. at&c0 command disconnects carrier detection and does not drop connection after entering into the dormant mode. Any next outcoming (from PC)-incoming (from Internet) Byte will recover connection automatically without any user actions.

    Set up the Internet connection (eg. with <GS Packet Data 777> name) using #777 dial-up (do not use the city code or dial-up rules, do not fill fields with the user's name and password, do not check "Network Logon").

    Such settings will ensure the direct Internet connection at the GW during the dial-up. Dynamic IP-address will be assign to the PC connected to your Globalstar terminal. A fixed address may be assigned to fixed subscribers after this service option deployment. For detailed information on assigning the fixed IP-address please contact the CCC at 984-2662.

  • Switch on your Qualcomm GSP1600 User Terminal. Unwrap the UT satellite antenna and make sure that the UT has got registered in the Globalstar network (icon with letter "i" on the UT display).
  • Click on the icon on the packet connection (in this example this is <GS Packet Data 777>). When the dialogue window Connect To appears click Dial (Windows 2000). On the GSP1600 display will appear the information at the start of the packed connection setup.

  • After the connection set up completion Verifying Username and Password window on your PC screen will be closed and on the UT display you will see:

    where "PPP @ 9.6" means the data rate of 9600 bps, and "TR" stands for Transmission - Reception graphical bars.
  • Open the user application for work with Internet, for example, Internet Explorer browser, and enter the required Web-page address.
  • To switch off the packet connection:
    • Click on the connection indicator (right bottom corner on the PC screen);
    • Click Disconnect
    • or press END UT button
You may subscribe to the Packet data service in the Contact Centre of CJSC GlobalTel:
phone numbers are 611 + ACCS menu item "9" (from the Globalstar UT)
or (495) 984-2662 (from PSTN phone).

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