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December 31, 2004
CJSC GlobalTel continues developing its providers network in CIS countries. Globalstar satellite services in Kazakhstan are provided by Paladin Telecom. More information on CIS service providers is here

December 20, 2004
CJSC GlobalTel offers as a New Year gift to its subscribers a complex of additional services on the basis of SMS, which allows GlobalTel subscribers to obtain information on their personal account balance and received payments in the form of incoming SMS messages, as well as to control message forwarding, activate express-payment cards, request for addition or cancellation of services, inquire payable accounts by fax by sending from their UT a special SMS-message to the SMS-center service numbers  details

Novermber 27, 2004
New Year is coming and it is time to think about gifts to Your near and dear. CJSC GlobalTel has already taken care of it! From November 25 till 31 December the first one hundred subscribers who purchase and activate five or more Globalstar UTs will receive a 20% discount for all the purchased Globalstar equipment (except Qualcomm GSP2800 and GSP1620xN, for which 10% discount is offered).  details

Novermber 26, 2004
In view of the introduction from November 15, 2004 of the updated version of the Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS) a new procedure of calling the Customer-Care Center (CCC) from Globalstar UTs was introduced. After dialing 611 the customer switches over to the ACCS mode. In order to get the direct connection with the CCC operator it is necessary to dial 9 (from ACCS Master menu). The procedure of calling the CCC from a PSTN phone remains unchanged: (095 or 501) 797-2727.

Novermber 25, 2004
Dear subscribers and dealers of CJSC GlobalTel! We are informing you that on November 15, 2004 an updated Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS) was introduced. The Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS) offers to GlobalTels subscribers independently, without assistance of the Customer-Care Center operator by means of auto voice menu to receive the actual information on the personal account balance, to make various operations with their phones, to make various inquiries, to pay through an express-payment card, to change the access password and to add and remove services.  details

Novermber 1, 2004
Beginning from November 1, 2004 CJSC GlobalTel introduces a new service the Voice Mail (GlobalTel VMS) into trial operation. This service functions as an answering machine, giving the subscriber an opportunity to receive all calls even if the satellite phone is switched off, busy or is outside the service area. This service allows flexible control of phone conversations over the Globalstar system.  details

October 29, 2004
CJSC GlobalTel demonstrated Globalstar satellite system products and services at Infocom-2004 and held a regular forum of its regional dealers  details

October 13, 2004
ZAO GlobalTel, OOO Vizcom and OTIK-Internet have successfully tested the set of mobile asymmetrical Internet access and telematic services. The set included a gyrostabilized antenna with automatic tracking of the geostationary satellite, DVB-S receiver, GCK-1410 car kit with Globalstar GSP 1600 handset.  details

September 27, 2004
Globalstar provides satellite telephone service to areas in Florida damage by Charley and Frances  details

September 16, 2004
Beginning from September 16, 2004 a new satellite communications service packet data transmission is available to all GlobalTel subscribers. This service allows all owners of Qualcomm UTs (GSP1600, GSP2800, GSP1620) to have wireless access to Internet and other packet networks.

September 3, 2004
IMPROVEMENT OF THE GLOBALTEL PHONE CARDS SERVICE (PRE-PAID CARDS FOR QUALCOMM UTS). For convenience of using GlobalTel cards the prepaid system timer settings were changed. Now the time intervals for dialing the PIN-code and the called number are increased up to 40 seconds (for each operation). You may also review the user guide.

September 2, 2004
NEW PHONE NUMBER FOR THE SMS-CENTER. Dear subscribers! Beginning from September 10-th, 2004 the new number of the SMS-center for GSM UTs (Telit SAT550/600, Ericsson R290) is introduced. Though the old number +79029869990 will be valid till December 1, 2004, we ask you to reset your terminals to the new number +79549903444. For additional information please contact our CCC operators (dial numbers 611 or 8-501-7972727).

September 1, 2004
A NEW OPPORTUNITY! INCOMING SMS FOR QUALCOMM GSP1600. Now owners of Qualcomm GSP1600 UTs in the GlobalTel network can receive SMS messages up to 35 symbols long sent from e-mail, from our site, from a GSM mobile phone in the GlobalTel network or any cellular operator's network, who is GlobalTel's roaming partner. You may also review the user guide

August 23, 2004
Pilot project of providing the Globalstar satellite communications services aboard on YaK-42 plane to VIP passengers on Moscow to Athens and Athens to Moscow flights became one of the highlights of the XXVIII Olympic Games.  details

June 8, 2004
Globalstar, the world's most widely-used handheld satellite phone service, announced that its service quality in the high-traffic Caribbean region has been dramatically improved, following the installation of a fourth antenna at its regional gateway at Las Palmas, Puerto Rico.  details

May 12, 2004
Globalstar and GlobalTel Expand Fax Services
Globalstar has introduced a new fax service allowing users to send and receive fax documents with virtually any standard Group 3 fax machine connected to Globalstar UTs via a small-size interface device  details

May 7, 2004
From May 11 through June 30, 2004 GlobalTel begins pre-production operation of the Web-interface new service. The Web-interface allows GlobalTel subscribers to use "satellite mail" service from any computer, which has the Internet access and Internet browser  details

May 7, 2004
Dear ladies and gentlemen! GlobalTel offers SPRING-2004 PROGRAMME, matched with the "Sviaz-Expocom-2004" exhibition, under which the first 100 buyers will be awarded with prizes. The SPRING-2004 PROGRAMME will be held from May 11 through June 30 2004.

April 16, 2004
Globalstar Financial Restructuring Completed
Globalstar, the world's most widely-used handheld satellite phone service, today announced the completion of its financial restructuring following the formal acquisition of its main business operations and assets by Thermo Capital Partners LLC. In concluding this process, the new owners of Globalstar also announced a number of additional corporate initiatives and commitments, intended not only to ensure Globalstar's long-term financial stability but also to foster far greater growth and expansion for the company than ever before.  details

March 4, 2004
Globalstar has been selected to provide real-time vehicle tracking for the first U.S. government-sponsored driverless vehicle competition, scheduled to take place later this month across the Mojave Desert in southern California.  details

February 12, 2004
CJSC GlobalTel would like to inform its subscribers that Globalstar L.P. and its new investors have started a number of programmes aimed at providing enhanced service coverage and system capacity for its customers. The first phase of this programme was started in the Caribbean region because of the rapid growth of the demand for Globalstar services there. For details please see Globalstar press release dated February 11, 2004.

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