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Advantages of Globalstar
Space Segment
Ground Segment
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Ground Segment

The ground segment on the territory of Russia includes three gateways (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk), which cover about 98% of Russia's territory with guaranteed service quality south of the 70 parallel, and service availability up to 74 degrees.

Ground Segment

Each gateway is connected to the Russian Federation PSTN and is fully integrated with existing fixed and cellular networks in Russia.

GlobalTel, as the operator of the Russian ground segment of the Globalstar communications system, has created a new network of satellite mobile communications on the territory of the Russian Federation with a dedicated "ABC" long distance code. The Russian Globalstar gateways connect to the PSTN via the automatic switching hubs and have unified lines to international switching centers (ISC). They are also connected between themselves with digital lines "one by one". In order to permit national roaming with GSM networks, "MTT" federal transit network (Interregional Transit-Telecom) is used.

The gateways have the status of a Russian Federation long distance national network. Subscribers of the Globalstar satellite communications system have an outlet to the PSTN and SPS of the Russian Federation, which is carried out through the gateway and connected to the regional automatic switching hubs (ASH). The SS-7R national network resource must be used with the dedicated Globalstar long-distance hierarchy signaling point codes to interconnect with the network's signaling.

Globalstar network subscribers' national numbering plan is as follows: subscriber number - ABCab. The subscribers' identifier IMSI=250cd must be defined out of one of the identifier of the Russian mobile communications networks (MCN) where:

250 - country code for mobile networks LDC, fixed for Russia;
cd - network code (MNC defines the GlobalTel operator code).

The first "x" defines define the home location register (HLR), at which the group of subscribers is registered, as there are only several in their own network. Moreover, the identifier capacity in the network is 1 billion. Messages with the shown identifiers must be routed:
  • From the international network via the ISC to the GlobalTel network gateway;
  • From the federal transit mobile communications networks (MTT), through the switching hubs to the GlobalTel gateway network
The ISC is used as international signal transit points (ISTP) for international roaming.

Numbering Plan

GlobalTel has been granted a national "DEF" (954) numbering code for its numbering plan in Russia, plus 7 digit dialing.

All GlobalTel subscribers in Russia have a numbering plan as follows: 7 (DEF) ab-xxxxx, where

  • 7 - is the international dialing code for the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan;
  • DEF - is the national area code (GlobalTel has been granted the federal "954" code);
  • Ab - indicates the gateway to which the subscriber is registered
  • xxxxx - is the subscribers zone number;
  • The Moscow gateway has the "ab" index = 21;
  • The Novosibirsk gateway has the "ab" index = 22;
  • The Khabarovsk gateway has the "ab" index = 23;

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