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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Globalstar L.P. and CJSC GlobalTel?

Globalstar L.P. (Limited Partnership) is an international consortium of strategic partners of world renowned communications equipment suppliers and operators. Globalstar L.P. was created by Loral Space and Communications and Qualcomm Inc.

Globalstar is a global system of low earth orbiting satellites designed to operate with existing cellular systems, and expanding their possibilities by providing mobile communications beyond their existing coverage zones. In addition, the Globalstar system also provides digital fixed communications in areas where landline communications are either absent, or do not meet modern requirements.

With the help of a low earth orbit satellite constellation (48 primary and 4 reserve satellites), a network of ground stations (3 located in the Russian Federation), and subscriber terminals (portable, mobile, and fixed), the Globalstar system covers practically the entire surface of the Earth between 70 south and north latitude with extension of up to 74. At present, Globalstar services are provided in more than 120 countries.

Closed Joint Stock Company GlobalTel is the exclusive operator of the Globalstar global mobile satellite system in Russia. The company was founded in 1996.

The founders of CJSC GlobalTel are: In addition to acting as the Russian national operator of Globalstar services, CJSC GlobalTel is also the operator of the ground segment of the Globalstar system in Russia.

What are the advantages of Globalstar services over other satellite communications systems?
  1. CDMA technology used in the system provides the highest quality satellite communications available. Globalstar CDMA digital technology is able to provide digital voice services with better clarity, quality and privacy than the currently used analogue land-based cellular systems.

    In order to provide the most reliable satellite service available, "path diversity" technology is used. With path diversity, the Globalstar satellites cover subscribers with two or three satellites simultaneously, and any one can provide the communications. Therefore, the loss of an individual satellite will usually not result in any gap in coverage.

    Further, CDMA technology provides the highest possible security against unlawful interception of Globalstar calls.
  2. Globalstar's architecture has been designed to let all calls, including international calls, go through the service provider's existing land-based network from local gateways, rather than bypassing the existing telephone network infrastructure.

    Moreover Globalstar satellites' low-earth orbit of 1414 kilometers introduce no perceptible voice delay, compared to the time delays and echo effects of calls based on geosynchronous satellites. The Globalstar system significantly minimizes voice delay which are present in medium-earth orbit, geostationary systems, and other low earth orbit systems which require on-board satellite call processing to support satellite-to-satellite switching systems.
  3. GSM National and Globalstar international roaming. Globalstar is the only satellite system in the Russian Federation which permits the user to select satellite or cellular mode (Globalstar or GSM) regardless of their location and requirements. Globalstar dual mode handsets work in GSM-900 networks and can automatically switch to Globalstar satellite mode when the subscriber exits cellular coverage. Globalstar international roaming has been deployed, allowing GlobalTel subscribers to travel internationally and use Globalstar services in many countries around the world.
  4. GlobalTel provides mobile satellite services at the most affordable prices on the market today. Globalstar user terminals are available from only 559 u.e. and traffic charges for calls from any point to any point in Russia are as low as 0.99 u.e. per minute.
  5. Globalstar user terminals are compact and easy to use (slightly larger than cellular handsets). The weight of Globalstar phones are from only 350 grams.
What are the coverage zones of Globalstar in Russia?

The abilities of GlobalTel subscribers in Russia are essentially limitless. Quality of Globalstar services are guaranteed up to 70 degrees north latitude (with service coverage possible up to 74 degrees), and 192 degrees longitude, which encompasses the Northern Maritime Route, Sea of Okhotsk, and a large part of the Pacific Ocean.

What services does GlobalTel provide?

GlobalTel provides a wide range of primary communications services for both business users, as well as for the general population, inclusive of digital telephony, asynchronous and packet data transfer, position location, national GSM and international Globalstar roaming, short message services and is developing other services to be deployed in the future, inclusive of packet data services.

How much do Globalstar services and equipment cost?

Prices on equipment and services are available here. The cost of a one-minute call from any point to any point in Russia is from only 0.99 u.e. to 1.19 u.e. The cost of user terminals start at only 559 u.e.

User terminals - dimensions and talk time.

  • Mobile user terminal Globalstar GSP 1600 made by Qualcomm:
    Dimensions - 177 62 47 mm
    Weight - 370 gr.
    Battery: talk time in Globalstar mode - 1,5 hours
    Battery: standby time in Globalstar mode - 7 hours

  • Mobile user terminal Globalstar SAT 550 made by Telit:
    Dimensions - 200 62 51 mm
    Weight - 420 gr.
    Battery: talk time in Globalstar mode - 1,5 hours
    Battery: standby time in Globalstar mode - 7 hours

  • Mobile user terminal Globalstar R290 made by Ericsson:
    Dimensions - 162 62 36 mm
    Weight - 350 gr.
    Battery: talk time in Globalstar mode - 1 hour
    Battery: standby time in Globalstar mode - 5 hours

Is it true that Globalstar phones do not work in buildings?

Globalstar phones do work inside buildings to the same degree that cellular phones work because Globalstar dual- and tri-mode phones are also cellular phones. In cellular mode, Globalstar phones can make calls inside buildings or anywhere else where a cellular signal can be received. Further, GlobalTel customers can send and receive calls in Globalstar phones through a window when facing south with the antenna deployed.

If you are unable to reach a GlobalTel subscriber, you can send him/her an SMS message which the subscriber will receive upon registering the phone in the Globalstar network.

What GSM operators does GlobalTel have automatic roaming with?

The ability of Globalstar's phones to roam in GSM networks is a key benefit to our subscribers. At present Telit and Ericsson user terminals support automatic roaming with major Russian GSM operators such as Mobile Telesystems, Vympelkom (Beeline) Siberian Cellular Systems, Kuban GSM, SMARTS, North West GSM, and many others. See the full list of GSM roaming partners here.

Can Globalstar user terminals be used outside Russia and which countries does GlobalTel have international roaming with in Globalstar mode?

GlobalTel provides all its customers the ability to roam internationally in Globalstar mode. A full list of international Globalstar roaming partners is available on our site.

What is the accuracy of position location services?

A GlobalTel subscriber can use position location services with the Qualcomm GSP 1600 mobile user terminal. The accuracy of position location services is from 300 meters.

Can Globalstar equipment be used in dispatcher systems?

Yes, automobile monitoring systems based on the Globalstar system can be specially developed by GlobalTel for customers from all types of businesses. The Globalstar system has been created to be able to provide position location services of automobiles and to receive and send such data from any point to any point. Given the large geographical size of the Russian Federation, many transportation companies are looking to GlobalTel to provide a single solution under one network.

Is GlobalTel a competitor to existing landline and cellular telecommunications networks?

No. GlobalTel is in fact a partner of almost all major GSM and wireline operators in the country. GlobalTel provides additional services which these networks cannot provide with their existing infrastructure. The ideology of Globalstar is based on complementing GSM and wireline telecommunications networks.

There are over 40,000 towns in the Russian Federation with absolutely no communications whatsoever. Fixed Globalstar user terminals are being installed in these populated areas and bringing affordable, world-class voice and data communications to large parts of the country for the first time in its history.

How does the Customer Care Center operate?

GlobalTel provides 24 hour, 7 day a week customer care to all its subscribers. The GlobalTel Customer Care Center can be reached at the following coordinates:
Telephone: (495) 984-26-62
From Globalstar UT: 611 + ACCS menu item "9"
Fax: (495) 984-26-63

Where can I obtain Globalstar equipment and services?

Becoming a GlobalTel subscriber is easy. GlobalTel has a sales showroom in downtown Moscow where you can obtain consultation, see our full list of Globalstar equipment, and become a subscriber. Our sales showroom address is: Moscow, 1aya Tverskaya Yamskaya Ul., Bldg.14 (from 10 to 19 hours, on Saturday from 10 to 16, Sundays - closed).

Interested parties can also visit GlobalTel's head office and sign up for service as well. Our head office address is: Moscow, 103104, Sytinsky Pereulok, Bldg.3/25, Str. 5

GlobalTel also has a large network of dealers who also offer Globalstar services.

Additional information on your nearest dealer can be obtained at the Customer Care Center:

Telephone: (495) 984-26-62
From Globalstar UT: 611 + ACCS menu item "9"
Fax: (495) 984-26-63

What documents are requirement to take my Globalstar phone out of the Russian Federation?

When leaving the Russian Federation, the subscriber will need to declare it in his/her customs declaration and have available the Gossvyaznadzor authorization for use, made available by GlobalTel and its dealers.

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