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Corporate communications with official and private traffic

This solution based on mini-PABX allows effectively divide official and private satellite UTs in offices, at production sites, in administrations of remote non-telephonised communities, etc. so that companies/organisations do not have to cover their employees' use of international, long-distance and satellite channels for private purposes. Mini-PABX allows to programme restrictions (or prohibit) on outgoing calls on special conditions for definite phone groups: for example, for long-distance and international access or for certain phone numbers not included in the list (the so called "white list"), etc. In this way the UTs connected to the PABX can be divided into official and private phones. For that the PABX should block access to all numbers except 771 and 7771 (GlobalTel Pre-paid services system numbers). The PSTN will be accessed from them on the basis of GlobalTel phone cards for which each employee will pay independently. Company's / organisation's expenses will not be spent and no control or registration of employees' private calls will be required. The company /organisation which uses the satellite communications in this way will be invoiced only for the official traffic.

Public call boxes may be set up or social services provided for local residents at administration offices in remote non-telephonised communities on the same principle.

The typical system's flowchart and the equipment set are shown in Fig. 1

Fig. 1

GSP2800 fixed UTs or GSP2800M marine UTs, mini PABXs, GlobalTel phone cards, power supply units, cables and other equipment necessary for organisation of satellite communications is provided by CJSC GlobalTel (Moscow) or regional dealers at the local level. Each company or administration of remote community may set its own selling value for pre-paid GlobalTel cards for its employees and population.

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