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Information Security

The St.-Petersburg Regional Center of the Information Security (SPb RCZI), which specializes in development of information protection cryptographic systems, in February 2003 carried out complex tests of M-484 devices to check their application for cryptographic protection of the information transmitted through satellite communications channels by means of źGlobalTel╗ equipment (the FAPSI Certificate registration No. SF\020-0321 dated 06.03.2000).

Ý-484 Cryptographic Information Security System device M-484
The M-484 is designed to operate independently irrespective of the data transmission mode selected by the customer; it was required to confirm this feature for the GlobalTel satellite channels.

The M-484 is connected to the RS-232c standard asynchronous interface between the computer (or another information processing unit) and the HAYES-modem, providing the cryptographic information protection rate of up to 115 kbps.

The given devices allow to transmit through satellite channels the information with the security classification of źconfidential╗, źstrictly confidential╗ and źclassified╗.

Tests diagrams are shown on the following Figures:

Fig. 1. Connection of two objects through the satellite channel

Fig. 2. Connection of two objects through the satellite channel and PSTN

The NetMeeting programme was used as the tests software.

The tests confirmed full compatibility of the GlobalTel equipment ( Qualcomm GSP1620 satellite modem, Qualcomm GCK1410 car kit on the basis of Qualcomm GSP1600 UT) with M-484.

The rate and quality of data transmission in communications channels are determined by the satellite channel data rate and does not change when M-484 is connected. The point-to point data rate during testing was from 2.0 to 8.4 kbps.

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