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Use in Bank Systems

After the "Packet Data Closed Users Group" service was introduced (PD CUG) a broader use of Globalstar satellite UTs GSP2800, GSP1600 and modem GSP1620 in banking technologies became possible. PD CUG major features which assure their application for communications between bank affiliates and central office, for communications of ATMs and card sale terminals are the following:

  • Physical isolation of Packet data channels from Internet and other PD CUG networks
  • Assigning of fixed IP addresses to satellite UTs and modems
  • Slow Ethernet mode, which allows permanent communications channel between PC or UT POS and the bank central office network in on-line mode
  • Fig.1
  • Minor delays in data transfer with PING approximately 450-550 msec
  • Operation in client-server configuration
  • Possibility to connect allocated 64-2048 kbps terrestrial channel between the bank and the GW
  • Simultaneous support of telephony and PD CUG on the same GSP2800 UT, which reduces the cost of the phone communication "Bank central office - remote bank affiliate"
  • Mobile character of remote UTs allows their moving to new regions or organisation of POS on vessels, trains, airplanes, busses, taxies, etc.
  • Simultaneous position-location and monitoring of mobile assets which belong to the bank through the same UT and additional set of monitoring controller with or without GPS receiver

АТМ controller or remote bank affiliate PC is interfaced with RS232 Globalstar UT (GSP2800 or modems GSP1620x1) and when the power is switched on it enters the bank closed network AT D#777 command, which is written in the initialization line or in SW. The initialization line also contains dormant mode activation commands and allows permanent on-line channel. The radio channel is restored for data packets reception-transmission within 2-4 sec. If a 32 byte PING packet is transmitted from a remote UT to the bank server and back the delays amount to 450-550 m/sec (220-230 m/sec one way respectively).

Thus one minimal ATM transaction will take 5-10 sec. If no packets are received/transmitted during 10 sec. the satellite radio channel will automatically switch off and tariffication will be stopped, but the virtual PPP connection with the bank server will last for 48 hours. AT-command ATH777 allows immediate radio channel disconnection after the reception/transmission. If during 48 hours not a single byte is received/transmitted the dial-up connection will be disconnected and the UT will "drop out" from the bank closed network. To re-enter the network for a new packet transmission the dial-up connection is restored during 4-5 sec.

Fixed GSP2800 UTs additionally allow telephony either with similar bank UTs or with the PSTN without any limitations. Incoming and outgoing phone calls with the IP connection preserved are possible in the packet data dormant mode.

The Globalstar system ensures mobile communications, hence bank POS-terminals can be installed on planes, trains, vessels, auto-shops, customs clearance points, in tourist centers, in remote communities, at gas stations, on highways, etc. Globalstar UT allows position location with 0.3-5 km precision at the at-command from connected PC.

The detailed list of at-commands is given in the "System Integrator Manual 80-99208-D".

The services are described in the following documentation:
  1. PD CUG. GS-042 release 1.
  2. Fixed IP address GSR-041 release 1.
  3. Packet Data. GTL-Р008-16-02-F-0408 release 2
  4. Packet Data for Subscribers _Marker ver.pdf
  5. "System Integrator Manual 80-99208-D"

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