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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
Up-to-date Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a multi-level man-machine control system. The dispatcher of multi-level SCADA receives information from the PC monitor or from the electronic information display system and affects the remote objects through telecommunications systems, controllers, intelligent actuators.


For ensuring the SCADA-systems operation communications channels are required. At present the systems use channels in PSTN, cable, cellular, radio relay, VHF networks. In remote areas of Russia where controlled assets (complexes) may be located, traditional communications facilities are either undeveloped or do not meet quality requirements, that is why SCADA systems may be set up on the basis of the Globalstar digital channels.

CJSC GlobalTel has close contacts with companies, which develop and manufacture SCADA systems for industries and possess various solutions for customers, which meet their technological process and climatic conditions requirements.

Energy Supervisory and Metering Systems (ESMS)
Energy Supervisory and Metering systems (ESMS) present one of SCADA application areas. ESMS allow both energy suppliers and consumers to use leading-edge technologies for power consumption supervisory control and monitoring and, consequently, to make their facilities more efficient. Such systems ensure solutions of many problems and are used in overflows, generation, high-voltage substations, in distribution networks and by household consumers.

In 2002 CJSC GlobalTel jointly with its dealers successfully implemented Globalstar satellite communications in several energy supervisory systems.

Energy Supervisory and Metering Systems (ESMS)

The structure of SCADA system with the use of the Globalstar mobile satellite communications system is shown In Fig. 2. This picture sums up several implemented projects. The specific features of each supervisory system and software are determined for each case depending on the tasks set.

For example, OOO Globalsat uses data collection and transfer facilities RTU-300 or EKOM-3000 with Euroalfa meters manufactured by ABB VEI Metronika; OOO SP Himit - controllers and meters manufactured by TOK Penza PO Amrit; OOO Tescom experts developed their own controllers on the basis of those available.

Achievements of some companies in this field were marked at regional industry exhibitions. For example, Krasnoiarsk KB "Iskra" was awarded the gold medal at the "Sviaz-2002" exhibition, held on November 12-15 in Krasnoiarsk, for development and implementation of Energy Supervisory and Metering system at remote substations on the basis of Globalstar UTs. All the above mentioned companies are official dealers of CJSC GlobalTel .

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