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Advantages of Globalstar
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The Globalstar system is designed to provide high quality satellite-based telephony and other communications services to a broad range of users:
  • Business users who work in remote areas where terrestrial mobile and fixed communications systems do not exist
  • Residents of under-served markets who can use Globalstar's fixed-site phones to satisfy their needs for basic telephony
  • Cellular users who roam outside of coverage areas
  • International travelers who need to keep in constant touch
The Globalstar system offers a multitude of services in one small, handheld phone:
  • Voice telephony in both cellular and satellite mode for communications virtually anywhere in Russia
  • Asynchronous data transmission
  • Position location services
  • Globalstar international roaming
  • GSM/Globalstar national roaming
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS)
Globalstar's unique technology and architecture provide an exceptionally high level of service and quality that no other satellite service can match:
  • Globalstar's CDMA-based signal ensures a remarkably clear, high-quality signal, as well as strong security protection against interception by others;
  • The use of low-earth-orbiting satellites less than 1,000 miles overhead eliminate annoying echoes or delays that are usually experienced with older-generation satellite systems which orbit tens of thousands of miles further away;
  • Only Globalstar uses "path diversity" - a technology that allows calls to be tracked by up to four different satellites instantly and automatically switched to a different satellite, maintaining the call without interruption. This greatly reduces the incidence of dropped calls. 
With less than 10% of Russia covered by cellular networks, GlobalTel now enables business users in such markets such as oil and gas, energy, maritime, natural resource mining, construction, and others to carry out their business with affordable and world class communications services.

Moreover, with 40,000 remote towns and villages throughout the country with no telephone service at all, Globalstar services are the only affordable solution for wireline quality voice communications.

Globalstar services have a number of distinct advantages over other forms of satellite, radio, and other communications for remote users.

Full Service Set in one Handheld Phone
Business users will especially appreciate the ability to have digital voice telephony services, asynchronous data transfer, position location, SMS, roaming, and other services in one phone, which can be used anywhere you go.

Lower Price
GlobalTel offers the most affordable satellite phones in Russia today. With equipment prices starting from only 559 u.e., and traffic prices as low as 0.99 u.e. per minute for calls from anywhere to anywhere in Russia, businesses will enjoy substantial savings and private individuals can have communications anywhere they go. Further, long-term rental programs with buyout options makes it easy for one to finance their purchase over time.

Complete countrywide coverage
GlobalTel subscribers are not bound to regional-based communications systems where service ends upon leaving a particular geographical territory or city. Users can make Globalstar calls in the most remote and difficult to reach areas virtually anywhere in the Russian Federation, from the southern most borders to 74 degrees north latitude and 180 degrees longitude deep in the Pacific Ocean.

Lighter, easier to use Phones
Mobile phones manufactured by Qualcomm, Telit, and Ericsson, are lightweight (from only 350 gr.) and can be used for either cellular or satellite-based calls. The phones are available with many accessories, such as car and marine kits, which extend the phone's reach still further. Network registration and dialing in satellite mode are analogous to cellular systems.

Almost No Perceptible Voice Delay
Use of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites, moving at an altitude of 1,414 kilometers, means almost no perceptible voice delay, as compared with the noticeable time delay and echo effect of calls utilizing middle earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites, whose orbits are many times higher.

Clarity of Voice
Qualcomm's CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) technology makes Globalstar calls exceptionally secure and clear, often with better voice quality than terrestrial and cellular networks, and greater system capacity.

The Globalstar system's software resides on and is monitored from the ground, not from satellites, which means easy and fast system maintenance and upgrades.

Fewer Dropped Calls
Globalstar's smart system design is based on overlapping satellite coverage, so that several satellites can be available from any location to handle a call. This "path diversity" results in a greater likelihood of establishing calls for customers and far less chance of dropping calls than other systems.

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