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Customer Care
Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS)
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Automatic Customer Care Service

The Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS) offers to GlobalTel's subscribers and roamers independently, without assistance of the Customer-Care Center (CCC) operator by means of the auto-announced voice menu to receive the actual balance, to make various inquiries, to change the access password and to add and remove services.

In order to use the service from your Globalstar mobile satellite UT:

       You should dial 630

If You are calling from a PSTN tone dialing phone:

       then You should dial 8 (954) 206 2730

When You hear the system's greeting, switch over to the tone (DTMF) mode (for PSTN phone). For this end in majority of phone sets one should press "*".

You will enter the System's Master menu:

1. Personal account data
  1. Balance status and disconnection forecast
  2. Included payments
  3. Fax data (invoice for payment, invoice for prepayment, setting a fixed fax number)
2. Operations with Phones
  1. Change of password
  2. Voluntary suspension
  3. Voluntary suspension lift
  4. Addition and removal of services
3. Supplemental information
  1. Information on CJSC GlobalTel and on services payment procedure
    1. Office hours and location
    2. Office hours of the bank affiliates
    3. Internal Company's currency exchange rate
  2. Dialing Rules
    1. Russian numbers
    2. International numbers
    3. GlobalTel satellite numbers
  3. Using Services Procedures
    1. Rules for using roaming
9. Assistance of the Customer-Care Center operator (CCC)

In order to get the information on your personal account status, make operations with phones enter 1, 2 (items 1, 2 of the Master menu).

In order to receive assistance from the CCC operator press 9, wait for the operator's answer and ask your question.

If you are calling from the Globalstar satellite phone You may dial the items of the embedded menu containing the information on the personal account.

If You are calling from a PSTN tone phone in order to enter items 1, 2 of the Master menu after the system's inquiry enter Your satellite UT number and password

The password is assigned to You when the Contract and Annex on services are executed and is common for all phones of Your personal account.

If the subscriber makes nothing during 7 seconds the ACCS system will be disconnected.

For scrolling the menu items use buttons "*" и "#". Being in the low level menu You may move to the master menu by pressing "*". For going to the previous level of the menu press "#" in any menu of the lower level.

After entering Your data, for example the fax number or prepayment amount, press "*". The only exception is the entry of dates, after which You should not press "*".

If You make a mistake when putting in the data You may correct the digits by pressing "#" and dialing the correct digits.

When scrolling the menu and inputting data it is not necessary to wait for the end of the voice instructions.

The ACCS service is provided free and automatically to subscribers at whose personal account at least one phone number is registered.

The mobile-originated call made by a (national/international) roamer to the Automated service is chargeable and subscriber should dial the following numbers:

8 (954) 206 2730 (when roaming cellular GSM)


+7 (954) 206 2730 (when roaming Globalstar)

Description of the Automatic Customer Care Service Master Menu (ACCS GlobalTel)

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Automatic Customer Care Service (ACCS)  New!
(Description and Reference Materials, Document GSP_015_02, October 2004 version)
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