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About GlobalTel

Closed joint stock company GlobalTel (Globalstar - Space Communications) is the exclusive operator of the Globalstar global mobile and fixed satellite system in the Russian Federation. The company was established in 1996. Licensed ╧ 33147, ╧ 33148.

Founders of CJSC GlobalTel are OJSC Rostelecom, long distance and international communications operator in Russia, and Globalstar L.P., an international consortium created by Loral Space & Communications (New York) and Qualcomm (San Diego).

Utilizing 48 low earth orbit satellites, the Globalstar system covers practically the entire globe between 74╟ south and north latitudes. At present, Globalstar services are provided in more than 100 countries throughout the world, (additional information can be obtained at, the official site of Globalstar L.P.).

The Russian segment of the Globalstar system (G*RS) is a multiservice satellite mobile network of CJSC GlobalTel. The unified tariff service zone (the reference to the zone) of G*RS includes territories of 11 countries including northern and eastern seas and Pacific Ocean's water areas.

Currently CJSC GlobalTel offers 26 communications services for its subscribers (the reference to the table of services), using 14 various satellite user terminals (UTs) models. Majority of these UTs are multimode and allow operation not only in satellite mode but in GSM900, AMPS800 modes, the transition from one mode to another is performed automatically.

CJSC GlobalTel possesses the state certificate on the G* Russian segment information security. At that G*RS is the first satellite communications system in Russia which has received the certification on information security.

GlobalTel's multiservice network is integrated into the PSTN of Russia through the "954"federal code. G*RS provides two-way roaming with cellular networks through trunk lines of OJSC Rostelecom and of the Interregional TransitTelecom (MTT). Departmental and corporate communication networks are integrated with G*RS through the trunk lines of Rostelecom on PSTN channels or on allocated channels directly to GWs.


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Interaction with PSTNs of other countries is made through Rostelecom's international switching centers. Telematic data and short message services provide to corporate customers effective solutions on creation of subnets for transferring telemetric information from mobile and fixed assets, from technological objects monitoring and supervisory control systems, from vehicle control systems, etc.

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